About Us

Sleep Healthcare Australia provides a truly one-stop shop for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea with CPAP devices and accessories.

Our partnership with Queensland Sleep means you can be referred from your GP or doctor, have your sleep study at home or in a local clinic, receive your results and then if treatment is needed – it can be arranged on the spot with the same sleep scientists and specialists that completed your sleep study.

And Sleep Healthcare has selected ResMed devices and accessories for you as they are the market leading product supplier in Australia. You have access to the complete range of ResMed devices, masks, accessories and associated packages and information.

Once you have your device and mask and treatment plan we don’t just leave it there. You will be provided with ongoing support from our team with direct access to your sleep scientist who can also set up remote monitoring of your device to ensure it is operating effectively.

This means we can guarantee the best treatment and outcomes for you.

Trust, Credibility and Confidence – that is exactly what you get with Sleep Healthcare Australia.


Total Patient Care
Sleep Healthcare prides itself in offering total patient care from diagnosis to CPAP solution.
Direct access to your reporting scientist
The Sleep scientist who analyses your study is assigned to the patient and is available to answer any questions or concerns with your device or mask.
Priority booking system
Priority is given to patients who need an appointment with one of our Sleep Physicians.
MyAir app
MyAir app will be set up for you to allow you to monitor your progress and see key statistics.
AirView allows the Sleep Scientist and your Physician to see the detailed results of your CPAP therapy and discuss any modifications needed.
30 Day money back guarantee
Sleep Healthcare ensures you have peace of mind by offering a 30 day money back guarantee.
Large range of mask options
We offer the complete range of CPAP masks to ensure you are fitted with the most comfortable and appropriate mask.
Secure website log in
Sleep Healthcare patients receive a personal login to our website to access educational videos of your equipment.
Consumable offers
Patients have access to special pricing when you need to replace your mask or any other accessory item.
Payment options
We offer a range of payment options and therapy plans that best suits your needs.